5 fun things you can’t miss around Port Douglas

1. Visit the Wildlife Habitat and have lunch with the animals!

Wildlife Habitat is a different version of what you thought a zoo actually is. Their motto is “We put you in the zoo” and they mean exactly what they say! As soon as you enter, you will get to see local birds, wallabies, kangaroos, emus, lizards, among other animals.

5 things you can't miss around Port Douglas | Windswell.com.au

Don’t be afraid: this happy company does not include crocodiles, as they are kept at a safe distance! If you feel adventurous enough, though, you can take a photo hugging a koala, or even a python. The choice is yours…

The whole park promises to be a different experience, as you have the opportunity to interact with the animals in their natural environment. You can even buy bags of food and feed them, join the guided tours or different animal presentations every day.

There is also the interesting option of having breakfast or lunch with the animals, as you can eat your meal surrounded by the inhabitants of this amazing place.


2. Enjoy a boat ride to Low Isles – Watersports in paradise!

The amazing scenery of the Low Isles captures adventurers from the moment they get there. Just 15 km off the coast of Port Douglas, this protected area consists of the uninhabited coral/mangrove Woody Island and the sandy coral cay of Low Island. Windswell organises regular tours to the Low Isles. Our boat carries no more than 10 people at the time, ensuring the cruise is as private as possible. It is a perfect getaway for the whole family.


A day out in Low Isles can include many different activities: after the boat ride, you can try a guided Stand-Up Paddle boarding, snorkelling or wakeboarding. You can also visit the historic Lighthouse Reserve, swim in the lagoon bay, walk around Low Island and enjoy the mangroves.
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3. White water rafting on Tully River – Explore the eternal beauties of the Rainforest

One thing you can’t miss when visiting Port Douglas, is the exploration of Daintree, one of the oldest rainforests in the world and the most fascinating way to do so is white water rafting.

5 things you can't miss around Port Douglas | Windswell.com.au

Tropical water temperatures and pure beauty promise an unforgettable experience. Try water rafting in this unique area, part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites and enjoy the magnificent gorge and some of the 45 spectacular waterfalls of the Tully river.


4. Learn to kitesurf with Windswell!

Combine your trip to Port Douglas with a new experience: seize the opportunity to learn kitesurfing and make this visit unforgettable! Windswell offers just the right courses for any level of fitness. Windswell offers lessons for absolute beginners and kids. With us you will learn how to be master of the winds and the sky!


During these first two lessons, you will be taught everything you need to know so as to stay safe and maintain control of your kite during the “flight”. No need to worry, as an instructor will always be with you. Let yourself just enjoy the experience of seeing everything from up above…


5. Jungle Surfing

Touch the heart of the Daintree Rainforest by taking one of the guided zipping tours. Experienced guides will be with you during the whole experience, giving advice and controlling your flight, so the activity is suitable even for kids and absolute beginners. It’s an awesome day out for the entire family.

The platforms range from 3.5 to 19.5 metres above the ground, aiming to reveal different views of the rainforest, its streams and further out to the Great Barrier Reef.

If you feel more adventurous, there is also the option of a night walk in the Daintree. All you need is a flashlight and all the nocturnal birds and animals of the forest are ready to welcome you into their world…