Our tour destinations

It is your trip and it will be what you make of it, so make sure it is one of those hard to forget!

Windswell is the only Port Douglas operator that offers a comprehensive package including a wide range of watersport activities in a single trip.

When you book a private charter with us, you’re not only going snorkeling. You’re going snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, wakebording, tubing, kitesurfing or even spearfishing if you’re into it. You’ll have a choice of many different activities to keep you entertained.

Here are the best 3 tour destinations to choose from for your reef trip.

Snapper Island

Snapper Island is a part of the Hope Islands National Park just off the Daintree some 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of Port Douglas. The

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Low Isles

Situated just 15km off the coast of Port Douglas, luscious Low Isles located in Trinity Bay is our stellar spot for an inner reef adventure.

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