Wakeboarding Fun Ride

Windswell Port Douglas's team is back on Four Mile Beach dipping sandy toes into the water and experiencing the great fun of wakeboarding and tube riding.

There is nothing better than starting the day with a morning stretch on the beach before heading into the water for some serious fun with Windswell’s exciting activities.

The meetup location is the usual: Windswell’s spot (where the park is) at the southern end of Port Douglas Four Mile Beach.

The early morning hour allows everyone to appreciate the sun slowly rising on the horizon over the ocean and the crisp air gradually warming up.

The beautiful sunlight backlights the crews’ bodies drawing graphic silhouettes as well as providing great Instagram opportunities.

The Inflation Marine pontoon that Bretto brings around makes a perfect beach deck for the energizing morning yoga session.


@Inflation Marine pontoon & Yoga on Four Mile Beach Port Douglas


The sea is as smooth as glass, just like those stunning postcards that brand Port Douglas as a world famous prime tourism destination. Every element seems correctly set up for a fun wakeboarding trial.

Bretto’s boat is in the water, waiting for the crew to board.

Yoga pants are replaced with lycra suits, and life jackets are provided.

For some of the team, coming to the beach this morning is their first wakeboarding attempt. Excellent stretching and warm-up of arms and shoulders are one of the most essential tips for beginner wake-boarders. Pulling up on the rope might feel a little hard the first time. It is normal, and everyone can get stronger and get used to the workout with some practice.

Figuring out whether one is regular or goofy footed is a pretty easy thing. Usually, the foot that the body reacts to first is the instinctive foot that the body uses to maintain the balance, and this is also the foot to place at the back of the wakeboard. When the left foot is placed at the front of the board, then this means regular riding. When instead is the right foot in front of the board, then the rider is considered goofy, but only by stance! The easiest way (which can be amusing) to find out which foot naturally leads is to push the person unexpectedly from behind and check the first foot that instinctively goes forward.

But the real test is undoubtedly to get out on the water. Taking a few tumbles along the way is part of the game, and it is not too much to be worried about anyway.

Bretto’s tips for beginner wakeboarders include:

  • Don’t pull hard on the rope, but let the boat pull you to your feet.
  • Keep the handle low and close to your hip as much as possible.
  • Keep your gaze straight ahead.

Getting the basics of wakeboarding nailed is pretty achievable in a short time. The best aspect of this sport is that anyone can pick up wakeboarding relatively fast and will be throwing down tricks in no time.

However, all on board know that there will be plenty of times slamming into the water and flat on the face. Listening closely to experts’ advice is always recommended.

Bretto knows how to keep the level of excitement high, and next, he rolls the inflatable towable donut tube out into the water providing another great way to have fun. The faster the boat pulls the inflatable, the more thrilling the donut ride. It is about an adrenaline rush, and most of the crew are very keen to test their talents and ability to hold on.


Some extra fun riding the inflatable donut


With Windswell’s Epic Reef & Island tours, these fun activities come all-inclusive, but anyone that is interested in spending just a couple of hours wakeboarding, foil boarding, or tube riding can book a session right here.

Bretto of Windswell Port Douglas always organizes new gear demos and thrilling marine activity sessions with enthusiastic locals. Be sure to stay tuned by following us on social media and to make sure you don’t miss out on the next exhilarating water based good times with Windswell!

Bretto WindSwell

Bretto WindSwell