At WindSwell Kitesurfing, we offer comprehensive lessons tailored to different skill levels. Whether you're an absolute kitesurf beginner or an experienced kitesurfer.

Four Mile Beach and out on the Reef

Kitesurfing Lessons & Gear Hire

With two World Heritage Sites on our doorstep – The Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest – could you find a better location for kitesurfing lessons? Our permanent playground is pure eye candy, perched at the southern end of Port Douglas’ iconic Four Mile Beach. Blessed with views of rainforest-clad mountain ranges that hug the Coral Sea, and a wide-open beach lined with palm trees and powder-soft sand, it’s a kiteboarder and ocean lover’s paradise. In addition to all-year-round warm flat water, tropical temperatures and consistent south-easterly trade winds, you’ll be going as coconuts as we are for kiteboarding kicks along this coastline! We’re thrilled for you to join us for a laid-back, stoke-fuelled kiteboarding experience in our special part of Tropical North Queensland.

Check out these Wind Swell Kitesurfing lessons and activities:


Intro Lesson Learn to Kitesurf

from $100/person

Our intro lesson is land based, on the beach where you’ll develop solid kite skills at the helm alongside one of our friendly instructors. Using a small trainer kite, we’ll get you practicing a range of techniques and skills to kickstart your addiction!

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Learn to Kitesurf

from $300/person

The ultimate kitesurfing ‘crash course’ to teach you all the knowledge and skills to get riding quickly and safely. Cover everything from rigging up, to kite control and body dragging, before getting up on the board and riding short distances.

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Zero to Hero


Only have a day to spare and feeling pumped? We can provide 6 hours of tuition in a 1-day intensive. Learn everything covered in our other courses but compressed for convenience. Get ready to bring your A-game, this one’s rigorous!

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Learn to Kitesurf in 2 to 10 days

from $720/person

This course is designed for people with a little bit more time to spare, to further develop and embed key skills without rushing from objective to objective.

Learn in your own time. Become an independent rider in 2357 or 10 days.

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Kitesurfing Private Lessons


Already a kitesurfer? Grab a 1:1 private 2 hour lesson, perfect for those feeling a bit rusty and need a ‘refresher’ or those who want to improve and take their riding skills into the next level. We'll guide you through smooth directional changes, jumps & tricks. 

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Kitesurfing Demo & Gear Hire


Get kitted out with our range of the latest F-One, Liquid Force or Ozone kiteboarding gear at competitive rates. Our kite selection ranges from 8m to 17m, we also have new F-one wings for you to try, plus twintip boards, surf & foil boards.

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Skill Level

Beginner to Expert


Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

Unforgettable Experiences with Wind Swell

New to Kitesurfing?

If you’ve never had the chance to kitesurf before, no worries! Wind Swell will get you up and going in no time.

For absolute beginners we’ll start on Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas, getting to grips with the gear and learning how to control the kite and board. Our team will show you how to get the kite in the air and build your confidence before you get in the water to kitesurf on your own. Too easy!

We’ve Got the Gear

Our team is mad on Kitesurfing (also known as Kiteboarding), so we’ve tried out and stock the best brands to make the most of different wind and wave conditions. We stock kitesurfing gear from the best brands, like SLINGSHOT, NORTH CORE, F-ONE, OZONE and ARMSTRONG and can get hold of almost anything else.

If you’re keen to get your own gear, we can tailor a package that suits you, your ability and your budget.  Our warehouse is 5 minutes away from the Kite School at Four Mile Beach. Book in for a test ride as we have the biggest range of DEMO HIRE GEAR in Far North Queensland.


Kitesurfing Lessons - Windswell Kitesurfing Port Douglas
When the wind is up!

What are the Kite Surfing conditions like in Port Douglas?

Our kitesurf or kiteboard season kicks off in April and the wind blows quite reliably until December. Our spot is perfectly positioned for a pretty consistent stream of cross on-shore SE trade winds for most of the year. When the wind is good, the average speeds are a stable 12-18 knots. When the wind is cracking, we get a few ripper days with winds reaching up to 25 knots an over.

Between April and September we usually score a sweet 16-20 kite-able days per month. This is also the ‘dry season’ here in TNQ, offering the most amount of beaming blue-skied days, minimal rainfall and slightly cooler ‘winter’ water temperatures of around 21°C … rashie is good enough, a wetsuit might be overkill.

The trade winds through October to December ease off a tad with an average of about 14 kite-able days in a month. This is also technically the start of our ‘wet season’, although the rain doesn’t generally get going until after Christmas. The hotter air and water temperatures at this time of the year attract a few marine stingers. But that’s just nothing a stinger suit can’t take care of. We provide stinger suits at no extra cost for each of our tours and lessons.

January to March are the hottest months with the lightest wind. Water temperatures hover around 30°C. But good summer breezes are not uncommon at this time of the year, specially when cyclones sit out in the Coral Sea.

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