Learn to kitesurf in 3 lessons

Learn to kitesurf - kitesurfing lessons | Windswell, Port Douglas

Whether you are familiar with kitesurfing or not, Windswell offers just the right courses for any experience and level. We teach kids how to fly. We offer kitesurfing lessons to suit absolute beginners as well as advanced riders.

Learn the secrets of the wind with us: we promise to make your whole experience an unforgettable journey!


Lesson 1

You will learn to use the right size kite for the wind conditions and your body weight. You will also be taught everything about this fascinating sport, rigging before the session, launching and landing, letting go for de-power, water re-launching, “self- rescue” and “body dragging” before the board. Above all you will learn everything you need to know in order to stay safe during the “flight”.

During the first lesson, you will also cover the following aspects:

  • Equipment and safety theory
  • Kite set-up and kite maintenance
  • Use of the safety systems
  • Understanding the wind window
  • Basic kite flying skills
  • Hand signals
  • Launch and land the kite

It is of vital importance to understand the idea of the “wind window” and how you can master it. It is a key element for the kite sport, because you can manage both the power and the direction of your kite.

The wind window is pretty much all the three dimensional sky area the riders see in front of them, in which their kites can be flown.
Kiting instructors describe the wind window as if there was a clock in front of the rider. Its edge is where the kite produces the least power, the zone usually used for launching and landing.

The intermediate zone of the wind window is at where the kite produces medium power. The power zone is where the kite gets maximum power.
Lesson 2
During the second lesson you will practice the skills learnt in the previous session and you will get to control you kite up, wind body dragging, starting the board and riding it.

Aspects to be covered:

  • You will learn advanced kite flying skills and how to water re-launch the kite. Self-rescue is always important so there will be further practice.

Other aspects to be covered:

  • Deep water pack down
  • Basic downwind body dragging
  • Advanced upwind body dragging
  • Body dragging with board
  • Board-work theory and practicing
  • First water start
  • Basic riding in both directions
  • Theory and safety rules



There is no reason to worry as there will always be an instructor supervising you, either on the beach or kiting with you. Gradually you will be able to use the edge of your board to stay upwind with the correct body posture, kite positioning and kite control.

Other aspects to be covered:

  • Initial rider assessment, posture and kite control
  • Various techniques of changing directions (basis transitions)
  • Tacking upwind, being able to make ground windward
  • Transitions to change direction with various kite control and board control techniques
  • Learning confidence in flat water and small wave conditions
  • You will finally try your FIRST JUMP!


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