Low Isles Lagoon – Stand Up Paddle in Paradise

A destination made for Nature Enthusiasts

Crystal clear waters of the lagoon, white sand, green turtles, coral fish, rays and even reef sharks if you’re lucky. That is the impressive scenery that is waiting for you on Low Isles. If you love the nature, then this is the spot to add onto your bucket list. Just about 15 kilometres off the coast of Port Douglas, here is a rare gem’s of the Great Barrier Reef.
Low Isles are made of two main islands. It is the Woody Island that is the bigger of the two, an uninhabited mangrove island surrounded by coral gardens, and the smaller one of the two, Low Island, a beautiful sandy coral cay.

Low Isles are protected area of the Marine Park. There are certain restrictions on the number of visitors entering the island at the same time. There are larger tours leaving from Port Douglas daily, but it’s a small island and it could get pretty crowded.

So if you’d rather be just with a smaller group of friends, family or your work mates and have the entire island just to yourself, you should definitely check out Windswell’s Epic Reef & Island Tours. The speed boat will only take maximum of 10 passengers, so you will get to enjoy the experience in full, but more privately, only a few others.

Discovered by Captain Cook himself

The English explorer captain James Cook was the first to record the existence of Low Isles during his voyage to Australia in 1770. His description of Low Island was simple: “a small low island”, but the area was officially named “Low Isles” in 1819.

The lighthouse that is on the island was built in 1878, still active and became automated in 1993. Until this day, Low Isles has 2 active residents staying on the island, the lighthouse keepers. Not only to look after the lighthouse, but also to record the migrating bird population. Low Isles became the site of the first detailed scientific study of a coral reef anywhere in the world between 1926 and 1929, helping the scientists to understand changes in the Great Barrier Reef area until today.

A unique watersports experience

A day out in Low Isles with Windswell is always a truly amazing experience, whatever it is that you’re signed up for: kitesurfing session on the island; snorkeling & stand-up paddle tour; or just a fun watersports day with your mates or work colleagues.

Windswell organises kitesurfing tours as well as stand-up paddle tours on the island 3 times a week. If you’re new to stand up paddle, definitely check it out, it’s an awesome experience. Don’t worry, a good introduction and practice is provided, so even if you’ve never done it before, you can easily have a go. SUP on the Low Isles Lagoon sits definitely pretty high between the “must things to do in Port Douglas” list.

The water is absolutely crystal clear, only about waist deep. You’ll get to see the beauty of the island and discover it from above the surface. And If you feel adventures, you can paddle over to the Woody Island to check out the magnificent green mangroves.

Then take a break from paddling and just snorkel over the Lagoon and meet all the little friendly locals. Turtles, rays, many species of coral fish, giant clams and arrays of colourful corals all around you.

Have fun and just remember to take a sun hat and sun screen, the Aussie sun could be really punchy.