Learn to Kitesurf

$240 per lesson

Rig an inflatable kite and move straight off the beach to develop all the skills you need to Learn to Kitesurf.

Lesson 1

Using the right size kite for the conditions and your body weight you’ll learn rigging launching and landing letting go for depower and safety, water relaunching, self rescue and body dragging before the board.

Lesson 2

Practice the skills learnt in your previous session, improve your kite control and upwind body dragging, master smooth board starts and ride like the wind.

Lesson 3

More advanced riding techniques focusing on edge control, turning, stopping, staying upwind – and your first jump.


  • Bookings required by 4pm the day prior to tour.
  • Pick up and drop off at Port Douglas accommodation.
  • Lessons are held at the southern end of Four Mile Beach in front of Four Mile Park off Barrier St.
  • All required gear is included.
  • Lessons 1 & 2 take up to two hours in groups of up to four.
  • Lesson 3 is normally one-on-one and may take longer in groups up to four people to achieve competency.
  • You can keep practising after your lesson or sign up for your next one.


  • Cancellations required at least 48 hours prior to tour otherwise 100 per cent cancellation policy applies.
  • Windswell may cancel the tour at any time due to safety considerations. This is at the full discretion of Windswell. Full refund is provided if charter cancelled due to weather conditions.