Rebecca Smith
Truly amazing experience that I would recommend to everybody seeking a bit of an adrenaline while on holiday. I took the 3 day lesson package, weather and the wind was absolutely awesome and Bretto is great. Thanks so much guys, you definitely started something and I'll be back for more next year.
Rebecca Smith / Web Testimonial
Chris Johns
This was really something and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks so much for making it happen guys. Go team Windswell !
Chris Johns / Facebook
Josh Baits
I think I just discovered a hidden talent. Kite Surfing slowly becomes a drug and obsession. Thanks so much guys, great work Bretto.
Josh Baits / Twitter
Jenny Brooks
Thousands of kisses to Windswell !
Jenny Brooks / Twitter
Sherri O.
My partner and I had the pleasure of attending both a paddle tour along the Mossman River, as well as a reef tour and we were not disappointment! Both were exceptional and led really well by the Windswell team who have bundles of knowledge on the sports they provide, as well as being very knowledgeable on the local area. Paddle boarding was so much fun! We were driven by our guide to Mossman River where we were given the lowdown on how to use our boards. We were guided really well by our instructor, and given many helpful tips on how to better our technique. Extreme paddling was really good also! (You'll know what I mean if you go!) It can be surprisingly exhausting, so we enjoyed taking a little break to eat some exotic fruits which helped get our energy up, as well as having some fun rubbing clay over ourselves like the natives do (It works well as an exfoliate- I took some home with me!) The reef tour was to die for too- and it was such beautiful weather which made it even more special. It was very refreshing going with Windswell as you get a much more personalised service- unlike some of the bigger tour operators who have hundreds of people on board. There were only 5 of us on the trip and we were given some insightful information on the local area on our journey to the reef. The reef itself was spectacular, and we enjoyed identifying the huge variety of fish (with the help of our instructor!) Lunch was provided too. On both tours, the footage from the day was passed onto us so we could remember what great fun we had. We will definitely be back again to check out their kite surfing package! Overall, a 5 star experience and would highly recommend.
Sherri O. / Trip Advisor