WindSwell combines all the best of all into one … devoted to getting the right people … at the best locations … with the latest gear … to score epic conditions … happy days !


Brett {Bretto} Wright
Founder & Instructor

Bretto has been kite surfing since 1999 when he brought one of the first ever leading edge inflatables or wipika kites that ever came into Australia. Bretto has a rich history of instructing all water sports and a passion for all types of surfing.

Matty C
SUP Instructor

As a young sailor in the Whitsundays this man is no stranger to the wilds of the ocean. Standing up on an old windsurfer to get ashore. It just seemed natural to stand up. If it floated than you could stand on it. SUPing is now a new sport and a great way to see nature. Loving life in the far north, always ready to show people the best spots for a personalized day on the reef or extreme paddling on the rainforest river, that’s extremely relaxing.