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Wind and Weather Factors for Kite Boarding and SUP

Wind + Weather Tips Pretty much the first question anybody asks when board riders hit the beach each morning is “What are the winds doing today crew?” The Windswell crew have put together a few hot tips for understanding wind and weather factors to help you pick the very best time to hit the water, […]

Kitesurfing WIKI

A Airfoil (aerofoil): a wing, kite, or sail used to generate lift or propulsion. Airtime: the amount of time spent in the air while jumping. AOA, Angle of Attack: also known as the angle of incidence (AOI) is the angle with which the kite flies in relation to the wind. Increasing AOA generally gives more […]

Choosing the perfect kite

Kite Types Foils – or Ram Air Kites where the wind fills them up and bridles are used to hold there shape. Great for training on land or kite bugging, landboarding or snow kiting. Inflatables or leading edge inflatables – use a bladder to hold air to make the shape of the kite and to aid in water relaunching […]

Choosing the perfect board

This issue I wanted to cover a few things about board design and types with so many different shapes materials and styles of boards available this information should help you find the perfect board. Firstly there is really no such thing as the perfect board it all depends on any number of factors like your […]